Project Methodology

Each of our projects are well managed and well planned by our team who are experienced, trained and often certified as project managers. To this we have developed a Project methodology over the years to meet and exceed our customers need and expectations. The methodology is applied to all our projects giving our customers a consistent and valuable experience throughout the project lifetime.


When a customer asks us to provide a solution, our first task is to meet with the customer and discuss the feature set required for a given installation. After the meeting we engineer, one or more design specifications to flesh out the details of the solution. This may include hardware part lists, software design specifications, conceptual screen layouts or preliminary drawings. Our effort during this phase is iterative. A design is proposed to the customer. Suggestions and changes are discussed. Additions are incorporated into the specifications. And the revised design is again presented until the problem is satisfactorily defined.


The customer interaction that was begun during the Design phase is continued throughout Development. As we bring a solution to life, additional issues may become uncovered, or changes to the requirements can occur. By continually conversing with our customers, we minimize the impact of change. These conversations take many forms:

  • Recurring status meetings
  • Demonstration of User Interface elements
  • Direct correspondence between our developers and the customer

We consider our customers part of the development team. This allows us to, together, deliver exceptional solutions


We test our hardware and software products at our facility prior to delivery. We perform this validation by 3D software, simulations and custom software applications. Also, we will mock up portions of the final installation to verify that the various elements interact properly.

Installation and Support

When a solution is ready for the field our team travels to the customer site to start up the application. On site our system is installed and taken trials for achieving the set results. When completed, our team handover the machine, system to the customer and they take in charge of the system in their facility. Training and field trials are provided onsite to the customer by our team