Assembly Line Machines Manufacturer in Pune, India

We at Mekonix, design, develop and manufacture the assembly line machines required for process, production and assembly line in Industry. In this customer and supplier both play a major role in development of assembly line machines and customer support is equally important. Under assembly line can incorporate automatic testing equipments, gauging automation, product assembly by using indexer based systems and mechanical handling.

Automatic assembly lines are designed to provide best method for reducing labour costs, increasing output and eliminating manual handling by operator

Applications of Automated Assembly line machines:

  • Automations for press machines
  • Gauging Automation for component checking
  • Indexer based component assembly line and checking with OK and Not Ok part
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Foam cutting fixture
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Foam cutting fixture
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Automotive parts testing and checking fixtures
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Machine vision checking fixtures
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Continuity testing fixtures using Pogo Pins